Bowie’s Tokyo Pop Cropped Blazer

David Bowie’s Vinyl “Tokyo Pop bodysuit”, from his Aladdin Sane tour is one of my favorite of his looks. (There’s a lot to choose from so maybe it’s my favorite this second and the next second it will be the ice turquoise Life on Mars suit.)


This piece was designed by Kansai Yamamoto, who also designed multiple outfits for Ziggy Stardust.

Unfortunately, one can not just go to the grocery store in one of these outfits. It might get in the way of holding my two-year old and, well, just about everything. I’ve definitely grown past the band t-shirt stage, except when I do go to the grocery store. But they are hardly work appropriate. So when I saw this fabric on Spoonflower I knew it needed to be a blazer.

This was my first try with their Sprout pattern partnership. Initially, we had some trouble with the Romanian postal service, as they sent it back to sender. But Sprout immediately sent it back and communicated me one to one until they knew it had arrived.

Arrived it did!


I chose the Victoria Blazer by “By Hand London” in the cropped version. One of my favorite things about using Sprout is that the print is always matched…no worrying about lines not matching up! A breeze.


I love the jacket. The pattern was simple and easy to follow. Although the instructions did not mention trimming the lining after cutting. I would totally recommend that. It peaks out a bit, especially on the back bottom. I chose theĀ Organic Cotton Sateen Ultra. The color isn’t as rich as I’d like, which might be a product of the printing on top of fabric. Overall I’m thrilled with the result. I get compliments on it with every wear and I get to proclaim my love for David Bowie.