Starting over…

It’s spring.

IMG_0555 I once used this blog to talk about sewing, Paris, body image and, apparently, cherries. I’ll stillblog on those things (probably less about cherries), but a lot has changed since my last post years back. Too much has changed to follow that order.

SO life surprise… I became a new person. No more trips to Paris on a whim, suffering the morning of wrong-headed nights, buying things….I became a person called “Mom”.

No I didn’t get married, in fact, I’m a single parent not a part of a co-parent team. Which is different and does have some small up sides. No arguing over sleep training here!

So during those inescapable napping times, not having someone to let you run to the shop once the baby is down, I do get some sewing done. Less going out dresses or reproduction Hitchockesque vintage suits and a lot more practical baby stuff. And I’m okay with all of this most of the time.




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